Exclusive! Watch Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” (Official Video)

Several “tease” versions later and Lana Del Rey‘s official video for her latest single, “Born to Die”, has finally been released.

Put simply, the video is a stunning, ultra sensual art piece, which serves as great visual reference for the rather tragic tale told by the song.

Sadly, the video release did not come with the type of fanfare the singer expected. She announced this morning, from Beijing, that she was forced to quickly release the video because it was being leaked from Russia. The statement read:

“Generally, I’m a man of few words, but i will say that this video is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever done.
I hope you like it- this isn’t the time or way i wanted to show you the video but im in Beijing with no access to social media, and the videos been leaked from Russia so someone is posting this for me.”

The official video follows three other previously released versions of the song- the first, a live performance in Glasgow, another as a still photo published on YouTube and the most recent, a live poolside performance at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Watch the official version here:

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