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Artist You Should Know: Boy

Image: Boy on Facebook

Meet Boy!

Only, Boy is actually female-make that two females- a duo made up of two very amazingly talented musicians, Swiss vocalist Valeska Steiner and German bassist, Sonja Glass.

The duo met and studied together some years back in Hamburg, Germany, making an instant musical connection. They spent the next two years writing music, much of it about their own lives and experiences, testing out different concepts until they felt confident they could go into the studio and record an album.

Steiner and Glass then enlisted the production talents of multi-instrumentalist and producer Philipp Steinke, along with none other than Phoenix‘s drummer, Thomas Hedlund, who plays in some of the tracks. The end result is ‘Mutual Friends’, their debut album, already a hit that has landed them at the top of the German charts.

The duo is now playing at clubs-mostly in Germany for now-in support of ‘Mutual Friends’, having already garnered a substantial fan base while receiving wide praise from critics for their melodic brand of indie pop, which they describe as a mix between the music of Phoenix, Feist and Bon Iver.

We’ve heard some of the tracks off ‘Mutual Friends’ and they are impressively strong. The vocals are solid, beautiful and clear. The arrangements are simple,¬† yet the songs have a great hook.¬† The lyrics are brilliantly written (lest we not forget their native language is German) and the album flawlessly produced.

As we’re always in search of that next breakthrough act, it is perhaps not surprising then that we’re utterly impressed by the musical talent of these two women (though we’re still warming up to the band name). So much so that it’s probably safe to assume that they will soon be finding fame and fans in a much wider scale-think Europe. No. Make that worldwide.

For now though, we’ll stick to our mission and share them with you, our readers around the world. We would be delighted to hear what you think of Boy.

Here are a couple of our favorite tracks: “Waitress”, an auto-biographical piece about Steiner’s life as a waitress. Listen for that Phoenix influence:

And “Little Numbers”-can you detect Feist?

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