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First Listen: Van Halen’s New Single,”Tattoo”

What could possibly be the mother of all comebacks, and the news diehard Van Halen fans have been hoping and praying for.

The band is not only announcing the release of a brand new album, ‘A Different Kind of Truth’, but also-wait for it-the first to feature David Lee Roth in more than 15 years!

Yes, you’ve read that right.

The song “Tattoo,” the first single off the album, sees the return of Roth at his absolute finest (er, and we don’t mean just vocally), delivering a gritty brand of blues-rock, filled with raw, sure to amuse tattoo-inspired lyrics, that include the likes of “Elvis on my elbow”, “Swap Meet Sally” and “trampstamp.”

And then there’s the mastery of Eddie Van Halen, who delivers a killer guitar solo, and who has undoubtedly passed some of that genius onto his son, Wolfgang, who’s an amazing bassist and official member of the band.

Despite the long separation, there’s no doubt the band’s chemistry remains very much intact to the delight of its fan base and the song is nothing short of an incredible choice for a first single.

But we’ll stop the chatter for now and let you witness the magic for yourself.

Here’s Van Halen with “Tattoo:”

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